successfully linked my Trade Zero account!! Finally figured it out lol. If you need help, feel free to ask. TradeZero is the account i do all my shorting with. I only shot stocks above 1$ for now. My OTC broker is ThinkorSwim. But because i'm in Canada, ToS doesn't want to sync to Maybe some day i'll be fully transparent and verified!

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CrisLima Nov 19, 20 9:34 AM

@Blackburner, I am struggling here trying to find a way to link my Tradezero account. Could you help me with some directions?

MCurtis Jan 12, 9:55 AM

@Blackburner Yes I need some help linking the account. . I found the coede on TradeZero but what do I do from there? I appreciate any help you can give me.

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Palmer Jan 01, 16 5:08 PM

Click on Dashboard above then the My Trades icon. Use the TD Ameritrade broker and then enter your username and password per your account. You need to wait a day for trades to clear for them to be uploadable. Should be all you need to do.

JaysonBourne Sep 12, 20 4:25 PM

I know this post is old, but I'm having the same issue right now

CrisLima Nov 19, 20 9:31 AM

The same here, I created the account but have no idea about how to link it to my broker

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