successfully linked my Trade Zero account!! Finally figured it out lol. If you need help, feel free to ask. TradeZero is the account i do all my shorting with. I only shot stocks above 1$ for now. My OTC broker is ThinkorSwim. But because i'm in Canada, ToS doesn't want to sync to Maybe some day i'll be fully transparent and verified! Edit: @CrisLima @MCurtis @peteboy96 Alright guys! I just uploaded more trades from TZ and it's fresh in my mind now. Go on TradeZero's website. Log in to your account. At the top of the window you'll see "Tools". In the "Tools" dropdown you'll find "". Once you click on that, you'll see a green button at the center of the screen "Copy to clipboard". Click it. Now return to official website and at the top you'll want to click on "MyTrades>Verify Trades". Once on that page, find TradeZero from the dropdown. And finally input the username from the TradeZero website, and paste the password you just copied from the step above. There you have it folks. Please drop in to let me know if it worked. Cheers

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Blackburner Mar 24, 21 8:30 PM

Holy cow. I'm sooooooo sorry I'm only seeing all these now. I'm really bad with social media hahaha. @peteboy96 @MCurtis @CrisLima did you guys ever figure it out? If not I can definitely help you. It's quite easy actually. It's all done from the web login on Trade zero's website. I actually asked the chat support on TZ website to help me and it took 5 mins to do it. Start by speaking with them, if you still need help I can guide you but I work much better by phone conversation than typing it ou

Ban60k Mar 26, 21 5:28 PM

Guys any solution? I wasn't able to find the "profitly code"

Blackburner Mar 26, 21 5:46 PM

@Ban60k hey! i just edited my original post this morning. Did you try what's written in the edit? The "" section is under "tools" at the tope of the screen on the TZ website. You MUST be logged in on the site to see it.

Ban60k Mar 29, 21 6:05 PM

@Blackburner unfortunately it doesn't show for me. When i contacted TZ support they said it's temporarily unavailable

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