Total Profits:

A little extra in another acct


Really not trading much in this market, no good setups for me.


This ran tonight on disclosure of above 5% stakeholder, thing was I read quickly and saw that it was a reduction in position. This should have moved the stock down not up. The wires presented the news as a new investment and so I think many read the news as a positive where they might not have otherwise. Therefore I hesitated to get in, and only did when the momentum was undeniable. But I was cautious, go out quickly and wont be trading it again tonight.


I dont understand why this bounced as it did. Given its single product with nothing else in the pipe failed at Ph3 I would have though the cash value of the business in the $5 range was max bounce. But price action and volume were there so I took it.

-$156 Loss
NKLALong Stock
-$195 Loss
VISLLong Stock
$610 Profit
TTCMShort Stock
of 82
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