$1,865 profit CNBX Long Stock

Entry comments: Positive breaking news with their clinical cancer trials, aiming to make 10-20% as more people hear about it

Exit comments: Bingo, nice continuation and new day highs, my goals have been met so I won't get greedy, especially midday, congrats to all longs here

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thierryouellet Sep 14, 18 3:47 PM

Seems like it broke resistance, perhaps another bull run!

Sheeker2018 Sep 17, 18 2:52 AM

Congrats, Tim. Help me out with this one. I was analyzing how much this share dropped 9.40am ($0.82) until 11am ($1.11), just to test my risk menagement Wich is 2% per share. I noticed that the lowest price point was $0.81(1% drop),Is your risk menagement ratio similar to mine? Or is it bigger?

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