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GreenHornetKush Nov 21, 10:47 AM

A little over a week as a challenge student. This is inspiring after my 2nd bad trade. Thank you this was great. You need to write more. It gives up new people, a sense of where we are in our journey. I love how you gave us time line as well. I'm back to NOT trading and playing catch up on the learning for another month or two.

MCreator Dec 03, 12:59 PM

Great blog, Mason. Thanks for sharing! Would love videos on more details on catalysts and how you decide which trades you're going to enter.

SeaCruz Dec 05, 10:19 PM

Very inspiring. Thank you.

JackieChan Dec 08, 2:00 AM

Thank you Mason for sharing your thoughts and insights for us! Best wish for your long trading journey! As time goes,we all learn and get better at a time, our wish will come true! Hope to hear from you soon!

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Hi Mark, I just watched your video lesson $225-227 and I have a question. On EBIO you say you think they did reverse splits. However, what I see are major gap-downs, which imo cannot be due to a reverse split - where the price typically goes up by the split-factor. Am I right on this? Tx for clarifying!

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