@Dawn Hi! How're you doing with all of this?

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TimeFliesBuy May 09, 17 7:14 PM

I know you will brother, you're already making me proud. @Dawn alan is the first person I contacted, hes learning quickly and can help you with some of the early struggles as well.

J33pGirl May 09, 17 8:22 PM

ty...i would appreciate the input...I have a few startup questions...I have been studying, watching, listening & learning! I'm in baby stages ....I need to sign up for Stocks To trade & get my broker.

alan316 May 12, 17 7:46 PM

@Dawn first off het atleast 1500.00 open a etrade account, keep studying. follow rules. don't hold and hope. you can see what i did. don't do that! read study check everything. have a plan, cut losses quickly. just when you think you have it, well i didn't anyway. becareful. number one rule i have don't think you have it. test the waters on a few trades. if they go wrong.study again. dont blow up your account. i almost did. restudying again.

TimeFliesBuy Aug 08, 17 12:46 AM

@J33pGirl If you end up getting Etrade I've made a few videos to help you get started, any feedback would be appreciated!

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