@Kristian just became a fully transparent trader today!

Kristian Aug 22, 20 6:52 PM

Over the 4 years i've studied for about 20/22 months in total with watching how to make millions 3 times, read loads of tim's blogs and watching loads of youtube videos, i would of taken this further but didn't have the money to. In the last 3 months i've read the penny stocking book by tim's student which i'm about to read again, signed up for pennystocking silver and so glad to finally have the chatroom, done the 30 day bootcamp and got like 3/4 questions wrong and watched PSFW dvd which i was

Kristian Aug 22, 20 7:02 PM

(continuation) PSFW dvd which i was so glad to get with the supernova training, trader checklist and the volatility guide, i'm using STT because its the best!!! plus i get Bohan then aswel lol and managed to open a broker with tradezero as i live in the uk, i'm starting out with $1,219.09. P.S. if your reading this tim i want you to know that i am so happy for you because you are the best trader/teacher and i hope 1 day i can meet and trade with you. THANK YOU TIMOTHY SYKES!!!!!!

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