@HimmenyDiggaley Thank you for all your help! Every time any student need help you are always the first to step out and help!

HIMMENY Mar 24, 17 6:29 PM

anytime! the point of this community is to help each other, i find that helping others helps me better learn the strategy, need anything else im always here to help for quicker replies contact me on twitter as well @HimmenyDiggaley :)

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MPASTER Feb 03, 17 8:29 AM

CERU at $1.35 crashing right at bell

Shoc Feb 03, 17 6:44 PM

I have only account of $400 . I found dollarstock org when I found some cool penny stocks (spiking) to watch. I will try to trade PS under 1$ Does it make sense? E.G. if I short sell 500 shares for 0.5208=364.56 it can drop down to 0.4497 (0.4497*500)=224.85 364.56-224.85=139.71 profit.

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