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Danebition Jul 26, 15 4:20 PM

I'm not entirely sure what you mean. For one thing I now have SureTrades word that I'm only paying for each placed order which makes sense to me. And during my chats with them about this I was also told that I could chose the option of "All or None" when trading. - I haven't looked for it but it should be an option unless they got that wrong too.

YawnAlot May 22, 16 9:02 PM

Yea i got screwed with commisions. I thought my trading was getting out of hand after my suretrader account went from $4000 to $1600 this past week, come to find out i was really only down $731 before commisions and down $2389 after commisions!! Come to find out my trading isnt as bad as i thought, but overtrading was really hurting me

YawnAlot May 22, 16 9:08 PM

By the way, i just had two awesome days on Monday and Tuesday last week, going long into $SYNC spike and shorting the once it peaked. $500 Monday, $1500 tuesday! Dam was i happy, i lost most of it overtrading the next days which was when i noticed how bad the commisions and fees were hurting me xO Anyways good luck traders! Tim grittani has two live trades from his trading dvd Trading Tickers on youtube, watch him make $20k live with amazing informitive commentary :)

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