@MaxProphet Hello. I'm new to this game and in search of advice from experienced traders like yourself. Did you study all of Tim's dvds before your first trade? How long and what steps did you take before taking that first leap to success?

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@MaxProphet just became a fully transparent trader today!

1kevindiaz1 Nov 12, 15 3:38 PM

Can you spare like $3,000 so I'm able to trade I have no money because job hunting is a struggle in my area if you can please email me kevindiazd11@gmail.com I will return all of your money within a month of trading I do simulations with a 70k starting capital I generated $15,000 in 1 week if only it was real haha so please if you can get back with me I would really appreciate it if you could, thank you.

dmohr1 Nov 29, 15 6:49 PM

get a job dont beg for money

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