[TimAlerts] Dmohr, if you don't have the time to specifically watch, monitor, and react to a position you are holding, you are going to end up like the guy who lost $140k shorting KBIO over 2 hours.

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JonathanIParra Oct 07, 19 10:10 PM

never short low floaters on the first green day , thanks on morning spikers and low floaters that can run amazing video

HenryCraig Mar 12, 10:02 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

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timothysykes Nov 30, 15 4:52 PM

@010ALogistic again, you guys need to learn respect, we have very clear rules, stop breaking them, my god

0010ALogistic Nov 30, 15 5:54 PM

@timothysykes lol , im easy going , please what rules, i signed it earlier this week , please unpluge the ban from me , im jewish, God is forgiveness. i respect all illness out there . lol

0010ALogistic Nov 30, 15 6:02 PM

@timothysykes. Tim , is so dark and hot out here , thirsty , we need to see the light , get dress and fit, our transparency make moderators atominized, can we get 80%discount in SMALL CAP MILLIONAIRE please, please please just for me. 80 % just small cap millionare. i wont open my mouth in chatroom ,

Arbi717 Nov 30, 15 6:10 PM

@dmohr1 missed a trade spammed three lines of khb khg giv iuk biku

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[TimAlerts] he said $CYCC will need to use all the cash they have to fund the trial so would run out in 3 qs they would need a financing

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