ottitradesDec 01, 15 6:42 PM

$ATV was actually a reverse split. it didn't really spike 677%

DrinkmanDec 01, 15 6:49 PM

Awesome video Tim! My trade for the day was NETE in @ .2870 premarket only 1200 shares on my 400 dollar TD account :) out at .3503 great trade made 7% on my 400!dollar account can't complain, the point is to concentrate on great trades, money is secondary and will follow @timothysykes

jessabernathyDec 01, 15 7:03 PM

Finally got the nerve and entered $NETE after hours at .40 and got out right before market close at .473 for $73 profit. Baby steps but proud to have made (and taken) a profit! Trying to get past my bag holder ways lol

TradingSpikeDec 01, 15 7:23 PM

I traded like a TOTAL DUMBASS today with my second real trade, and made 3 bone headed mistakes! That's what happens when excitement clouds judgement, you skip golden rules! I will trade meticulously with my next trade I will make sure of that! Please feel free to use my example as a how NOT to trade. I have and still study hard, but was too scared to place a trade with real money on $GIGA and then fucked it up when I traded $VHC! You can see my knuckle ride long post at http//

DiartistictraderDec 01, 15 8:29 PM

WATCHED... And also bought "How to Make Millions" DVD and already learning more than expected.

timothysykesDec 01, 15 9:26 PM

@TradingSpike it's cool, we all trade like dumbness sometimes, just gotta learn from mistakes, get better and look to adapt & get better in the future!

crazytradesDec 01, 15 9:58 PM

I wanted to short atv but etrade had nothing for me... Went with TERP instead. Hoping tomorrow sees drops on EFUT and TERP to close those suckers out at solid profits. Barely touched your training material and already making solid gains!

crazytradesDec 01, 15 10:00 PM

Lost on AREN and SGNL today. Kind of had a feeling the delisting was a sign to get out but stayed in a little longer. AREN is a mess and should be avoided... Lesson learned

bank_a_tronicDec 01, 15 11:04 PM

In honour of your Dad's birthday, we'll forgive you & study harder! Thanks again for everything -almost everything ;)

RaidonDec 02, 15 3:46 AM

I told about EURI pump in chatroom at $0.5 didnt trade myself tho becaus i wanna study some more

Yesdog23Dec 02, 15 7:20 AM

Happy birthday to your Dad, have you ever thought of adopting another Dad ? Just saying, I might be available .

mbsdadDec 06, 15 8:34 PM

watched and learning!!!

Chicago777Dec 07, 15 9:47 AM

This lesson is very motivational Tim says he wants you to be able to give gifts like he does! Also this was a recap of the tickers in play this day but Tim explained since it is Thanksgiving he will be spending it with Family. Also was a reminder of the Sale. Happy Thanksgiving (turkey)

HIMMENYSep 01, 17 6:25 PM

"Edjewcation changes everything" nice lessons here

HaywardSep 02, 17 7:42 PM

Thanks Tim!

ZachRJan 27, 18 7:11 PM

Thanks Tim I will get this someday

axlkOct 29, 18 4:12 AM

Thanks Tim

piscott0306Aug 22, 19 5:56 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias.

JonathanIParraOct 07, 19 10:10 PM

never short low floaters on the first green day , thanks on morning spikers and low floaters that can run amazing video

HenryCraigMar 12, 10:02 PM

You cannot cheat your way to success. Learn from the past, study in the present, and prepare for the future.

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