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Sebastians Aug 31, 8:28 PM

thanks @TimLento , really appreciate the work you put in to these, I have to miss the webinars during the week, so these are really critical to go over. The pattern always seem so clear when they're laid out like this.

RPhTrader Sep 01, 9:49 AM

Reviewing all trades, mine and others will help. This is a long journey. Thanks @TimLento

Maui2020 Sep 01, 12:26 PM

Very good information. Amazing trade on OOIL. Thanks for sharing!!

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$NETE took off pre-market i bought it on the dip Entry: $5.11 anticipating some R/g action and hopefully test its pre-market high. It failed so I had to cut losses quickly. Exit $4.85. This almost the most volume this stock has ever had. I have to become profitable. As of now i been losing big. Time to study and take a break on real money until I become profitable. My lesson here is don't never trade over-extended gap downs & wait for big panics! Back to paper money!

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My screener is starting to work for me in finding good stocks to trade. Decided that unless they are 10%+ change on the day will not trade, so added that to the filter. Screener hit CETX and $NETE. $NETE being the larger gainer on the day. Didn't trade it. But 1 year / 1 minute has a large green candle today. There is a nice spike in volume. Decent contract winner in the news. Overall is a decent opportunity. Also started incorporating the pre-market price chart into the trade plan. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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Dario1 Jun 11, 18 9:24 AM

Thank you!

Lx888 Jun 11, 18 2:57 PM

Always good to read your journal. It helps me to better prepare i need how I look b4 i risk my hard earn money. Thank u, @timothysykes

Dorianhaze2000 Jun 11, 18 11:01 PM

I’ve learned that along time ago in swing trading, wait for it to come to you!! Thanks Tim for your relentless mentoring, it’s appreciated far more than you could realize.

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