$NETE took off pre-market i bought it on the dip Entry: $5.11 anticipating some R/g action and hopefully test its pre-market high. It failed so I had to cut losses quickly. Exit $4.85. This almost the most volume this stock has ever had. I have to become profitable. As of now i been losing big. Time to study and take a break on real money until I become profitable. My lesson here is don't never trade over-extended gap downs & wait for big panics! Back to paper money!

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My screener is starting to work for me in finding good stocks to trade. Decided that unless they are 10%+ change on the day will not trade, so added that to the filter. Screener hit CETX and $NETE. $NETE being the larger gainer on the day. Didn't trade it. But 1 year / 1 minute has a large green candle today. There is a nice spike in volume. Decent contract winner in the news. Overall is a decent opportunity. Also started incorporating the pre-market price chart into the trade plan. Lets see what happens tomorrow.

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Dario1 Jun 11, 18 9:24 AM

Thank you!

Lx888 Jun 11, 18 2:57 PM

Always good to read your journal. It helps me to better prepare i need how I look b4 i risk my hard earn money. Thank u, @timothysykes

Dorianhaze2000 Jun 11, 18 11:01 PM

I’ve learned that along time ago in swing trading, wait for it to come to you!! Thanks Tim for your relentless mentoring, it’s appreciated far more than you could realize.

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Acannon Mar 18, 18 8:50 PM

@timothysykes Want to join one of the opportunities but have a very small E*TRADE account. Started it with 1000.00 I hope to gain and be able to join Pennystock Silver.

CLucas Mar 26, 18 12:40 AM

Thank you Tim!

ZiggysMom Apr 16, 18 11:45 AM

Don't copy trades, study enough so that I can create my own watch lists and goals, cut losses quickly, time of day matters, float? volume? catalyst? chart? Do not generalize, I am a retired trader. Increase position size as you make better and profitable trades. Be picky, don't trade before the news.

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axlk Apr 01, 6:57 AM

Thanks Mark. Awesome video lesson. bookmarked it

OrcinusO May 23, 2:10 PM

CHART Volatility, good range min 30%, ideally new highs - supernovas, former runners (very significant volume not so past away) VOLUME - not liquid, above average increasing volume - ideally 5-10 M stocks, CATALYST - hot sector, earning/contract winners, breakout/brakedown,

OrcinusO May 23, 2:19 PM


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