$848 profit NETE Long Stock

Entry comments: Lesser known EV play breaking out today, its run big in the past, goal is to make 5-10% as SOLO and AYRO are going crazy

Exit comments: Having trouble right at 12 so I won't overstay, that dip buy made this trade successful, good lesson not to chase these choppy EV stocks, wait for dip buys to increase risk/reward ratio

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Sarrastro92 Nov 20, 20 11:06 AM

Averages and totals are always wrong. Why is that?

alejomiami17 Nov 20, 20 11:18 AM

Currently, NETE price level has hit an old resistance dated back Sept. 24, of 2019. The price dropped from this level and the value of the stock went down about 33% in one day. That resistance may be the reason it hasn't been able to keep gaining a higher price!

Windwalzer Nov 20, 20 4:54 PM

I like to see how you add to bring your avg down so when you sold you made a better profit. Thank you for the education and knowledge.

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$4,140 profit NETE Long Stock

Entry comments: I'm buying this premarket spiker on news of their own electric SUV https://tim.ly/2RWzFEk similar to SPI yesterday, buying on a dip off the highs in the 11.50s, I think it can get back there and ideally I can sell in the 11s or 12s

Exit comments: God bless this market, whewwwww, taking my single, not getting greedy, now 12.90 as I type this so maybe I'm playing a bit too safe LOL

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truhonor Sep 24, 20 8:50 AM

Yeah, I've been watching it spike premarket 👍

Windwalzer Sep 24, 20 10:48 PM

Premarket and postmarket on the same day. Fun to see. Educational for sure.

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$1,960 profit NETE Long Stock

Entry comments: Speculative buy on this big runner from yesterday, it just spiked from 7 to 9, now dipping a bit, showing signs of more spiking, so I'd love to sell for 50-75 cents/share on the bounce here, possible retest of 9ish day highs, support at 7.80 if I'm wrong so I'm keeping tight leash on this one

Exit comments: Absolutely beautiful bounce here, this was a little pattern I picked up from Grittani, will explain in a video lesson later today, whewww

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Windwalzer Jun 16, 20 9:27 PM

It's good to see a dip like this to add to my education account. Slowly I feel like I am making progress. Thank you.

RChen Jun 16, 20 11:21 PM


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