[TimAlerts] ATNM 5million volume rite now , stable for both bid and ask price, once the table turn could be jack pot

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ckrouse Aug 05, 15 4:30 PM

Yes,level 2 would help. I was using Suretrader Web app which is deficient for day trading in my opinion because it does not have the montage. So, to protect my account I used a range trade so I could exit quickly when it went the wrong direction. That worked, but you are right to steer me towards level 2. Thanks.

RBGnL67 Aug 05, 15 7:47 PM

great game plan! If it zig you did this and if zag you did that. You did good following the rules

Kev2128 Aug 06, 15 1:14 AM

Make sure you have level-2 and live charts before you start trading! I usually trade with a paper account for 6 months until i felt i was ready with real $$$$ You can go to thinkorswim and get free level-2 i think still..

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