Nice finish for ILIV today. Closed up just over 8% with plenty of bounces during the day to make money. Looking for it to break .01 again tomorrow and hold on it's way to .02+ #pennystocks #OTCstocks

rreib Mar 14, 14 10:35 AM

I joined www.tinyurl.com/SuperNovaElite . It was the best thing I ever did. First, the video lessons are short and to the point. Detail in each video explains everything from finding support and resistance to defining different chart patterns. A watchlist with video is sent out the night before with stocks to watch the next day and why. The live chatroom each day is second to none. The mod's (mod's only) use a mic and actually talk so you can keep your eyes on charts rather then reading.

rreib Mar 14, 14 10:42 AM

They also have a screener running that you can watch along with them. During the trading day, if something looks good, it's announced to the entire room (600+ in the chatroom at a time) and everyone has a chance to buy in if they would like. This service has allowed me to make money consistently rather then hit or miss on stocks. I've also become a more disciplined trader.

KALANDRO Mar 19, 14 9:06 PM

Hi Ron, do you think HPNN will continue its way up?

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