@DaTraderDude hey do you buy your stocks in the after hours in hope for it to spike early in the AM? Or do you wait until the market moves a bit in the morning?

DaTraderDude Jun 14, 16 11:51 PM

That's a loaded question. So I've done both. Currently I'm holding a modest position in $TWER o/n and I plan to wake up at 430am for market open to see what happens. I've learned through my losses that it's mostly a gamble. Sometimes it pays off but honestly I think I'd rather stay in cash most nights. I have yet to trade p/m as the volume is normally pretty weak. I find I rather wait until market open. I've missed some plays but eh. Rather keep it safe with my losses right now.

Munir24 Jun 15, 16 12:56 AM

Awesome, thanks for the response :)

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@Mike11s hey do you buy the stocks after hours or wait until the morning? Specifically $LBIX and $TWER? I just started up this week and haven't subscribed to Tim yet. I will be though.

Mike11s Jun 14, 16 11:53 PM

I after hours and pre market on occasion when the play is right. Not for those two as they didn't develop until regular hours. $LBIX in the morning and $TWER in the afternoon.

Munir24 Jun 15, 16 12:57 AM

Copy that, thanks :)

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@waddell323 hey, in order to post on that page do you have to subscribe to Tim?

Munir24 Jun 13, 16 7:22 PM

Damn alright thanks for the reply! I guess in the big picture 150 a month isn't much😆

waddell323 Jun 13, 16 8:28 PM

@Munir24 man it is well worth it for access to the trading chatroom, all of Tim's daily training videos.

Munir24 Jun 14, 16 12:04 AM

Alright sounds good. I'll definitely get it. Did you get his DVDs as well? Or is the subscription enough?

Munir24 Jun 14, 16 9:37 AM

I can't post but $PWE doing nicely

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-$698 loss HMNY Long Stock

Entry comments: Reboughz this as its holding its earlier gains, multi-day support now in the low 10s, goal is still to sell int he 11s, it just recently got up to the 10.80s, but now its late day and I think shorts will be scared on this probable first green day and the Orlando shooting still fresh in people's minds...if HMNY is smart, they'll issue a PR like COYN did

Exit comments: No morning spike or gap up, or really any volume at all, rule #1 cut losses quickly, onto the next!

Received 4 Karmas
Munir24 Jun 13, 16 2:47 PM

Subscribing to Tim alerts for 75 a month allows access this this?

jvolpe31 Jun 13, 16 3:24 PM

Do you think it tops out at 11 or has more room to push?

GarrickCtrade93 Jun 13, 16 7:33 PM

Hey Tim.. i got some picks i would like to get some input on... I've been watching CARA and MCIG and would relly just like to know when if any, would be a good time to play these? Thank's man! Signed... your next million-dollar student!

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