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RWoldetensae Jan 22, 16 9:01 AM

I have such a headache from TROV and ZFGN. I lost $970+ from messing with both of these. I broke all of TIm's rules. I wish with all my heart that I will refer back to his rules and follow them conservatively. I don't like being a gun swinger. Too risky. Gonna relax for the day and watch some of Tim's videos and take notes.

smillie327 Jan 22, 16 1:00 PM

Good idea to study...hardest thing is to cut losses quickly...most penny stocks crash and dont come back...your survival depends on cuttung loss quickly...have sign on my computer "CUT" DON'T THINK...hahaha : )... to remind me...still, i can mess up badly, but not as much. We all do, that's why i trade with the smallest account while studying,cuz only 6% of the trading we do is what will make us wealthy they say!

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