Hey @thewallstreetsavage, Bro, the whole point of is to be transparent. I know you trade options, but even the best traders loose money. Now I know you make 1.56 million on that Apple play, but please be a good little transparent trader and show us your losses. Even the best trader on @lx21 posts his losses, his winning percentage is 62%. Now please don't try and tell me that you have been trading since June of '14 and have ZERO losses. You take pictures to verify your gains, but why not just upload them? Either your lying or your just some backdoor stock promoter working for all the goons to push the stocks up, I'm not making accusations, just coming to a conclusion based off of the information you present on your page. I'm sorry but NO one makes it this long with 100% gains like you do, the information you are presenting is some real sketchy stuff.

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nikolascostello Mar 28, 15 1:07 AM

I am just trying to keep a place for the truth, thats all no harm intended

thewallstreetsavage Apr 01, 15 8:47 AM

@shdwknght The hate is real lol.. I'm not here to promote anything... In fact we pride ourselves in being 'the best kept secret' ... Furthermore we have our web cast channel that are for our proprietary group only not for public exposure and has over 2,000 views daily... Eat your heart out haterz lol guys are on the outside looking in and guessing lol so silly...

thewallstreetsavage Apr 01, 15 9:24 PM

@shdwknght Lol LMAO you're mad, you're so funny & clueless, lol not going to waist my time ..must, really sucks to be you Huh?!? Lol

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