suzuguy Apr 25, 16 7:47 PM

do you see panic in the morning on TLOG then a small upswing??

HebrewHammer Apr 25, 16 8:15 PM

@suzuguy the upswing depends on how bug the panic is. If it really tanks to the $0.30's, it can bounce $0.10-$0.15 but if it only drops $0.05 or so, I don't see it spiking much worth trading.

suzuguy Apr 26, 16 9:12 AM

thanks for your input HH

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likens2trade Mar 02, 16 12:01 AM

Thank you for sharing your monthly review. I am also doing a similar versions of that. I have a few things to add. I am not yet familiar with some of the terminology you used to describe your "Play" on some of the stocks. However Thank you again!

PeterSkala Mar 02, 16 6:00 AM

Thanks Tim that was a very good monthly review!

johnnyvd Mar 02, 16 9:15 AM

Thanks Tim excelente review.

mbsdad Mar 02, 16 11:46 AM

watched and learning!

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