@timothysykes Tim - just bought your course and I am very new to this. Joined your course because of my brother who is doing day trading and loves it. I am going through the videos but I don't see a video that will show me the very basics as to how to buy and how to sell. I just opened an account with ETrade. TIA for your time

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Ssolax Dec 21, 17 5:08 PM

Find your pattern and you'll do fine

ProfJoseph Apr 11, 18 3:43 PM

@Ssolax i don't know how and where to start from though i have finished watching Tim's videos but i don't know where to start.

merryvinson Apr 11, 18 10:51 PM

@ProfJoseph email me at I found Tim Grittani’s video is very helpful.

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