Reaper2020 Dec 06, 16 6:35 PM

100K, I am going to cut that to 5K to get a better feel of what I will be using when I go to Live trades.

samadama Dec 08, 16 3:16 AM

wish you all the best.... would like info on Arick videos?

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Lincoln_Hawk Dec 03, 16 9:12 AM

I feel bad for you. $ASNA had decent volume at EOD so maybe it will pop on Monday. It's a shame your grand daughter didn't want that juice during Friday's open.

Lincoln_Hawk Dec 03, 16 8:38 PM

@Reid50 I live in Oak Hill which is about 25 miles west of Washington, DC and pretty close to Dulles airport.

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Received 16 Karmas
koolboy160 Nov 07, 16 9:47 PM

Thank you!! Love the encouraging words!

wood0639 Nov 07, 16 10:19 PM

Thanks for the encouraging words, they are definitely needed in the market right now.

CastilloTrading Nov 08, 16 12:23 AM

Awesome read.... Patient and dedication will lead you where you want to go.

Reaper2020 Dec 03, 16 3:46 AM

I just read this today, as I am new to trading, you are awesome, and your vids are awesome.

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