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Peregrine_Trading Jan 11, 17 9:17 PM

Ah, when i say "be aware of midday spikers", i mean be careful of them. Tim warns against them a lot

petwyt1218 Jan 11, 17 9:37 PM

I don't rush into a trade like that. I mean if you notice a stock literally the second it's breaking a morning HOD then I'd wait for the pullback which generally happens. Other than that I buy anticipating a breakout early. If you look at my MYOS trade today I bought at 2.60 because it was making higher lows and I was anticipating the breakout. I didn't get stopped out when it dropped to 2.40 soon after but that requires keeping emotions in check. I buy anticipating the breakout because often st

petwyt1218 Jan 11, 17 9:37 PM

ocks double top (like today MYOS looked like it would so I sold) and it gives me room to exit with a profit even if it double tops. In the past I would often buy right as a stock is breaking out only to have it tank soon after and I'd take a loss.

Rexxtrades Jan 11, 17 11:05 PM

If you feel the need to buy without really having the time to double check everything then try taking half of your desired position then take the other half after the breakout is confirmed

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