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nexion Mar 01, 17 10:28 AM

@Torkers Interactive brokers has some good Youtube info sessions. I'm waiting for my paper trading account to be setup by I hope next week. Then I will get paper trading experience in the platform before I trade. If you're trading for Norway then you don't want that web browser lag time between trades overseas. I could forsee a trading platform overseas being a few seconds quicker.

Torkers Mar 01, 17 4:53 PM

@nexion just started with the pro trader platform today. Feels like abit complicated but I will get it after a while I Guess =)

huperauxano Mar 18, 17 4:57 PM

Can you post your trades to so we / you can see how you are trading? Even if you trade less and post more, there is some sense of a track record that we can review and provide feedback. Small trades, cut losses quickly, build win rate, grow position size. Keep pressing forward!

Torkers Mar 18, 17 6:40 PM

Yes - but i have overtraded so much that i dont know where to start.. have over 450 trades in first 30 trading days and my broker doesnt support auto ... but i will start posting :))

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