@kylecw2 Nice turnaround on that profit chart. You should make a blog post about your journey so far. What has made you from a losing trader to a profitable trader etc..

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kylecw2 Jun 22, 7:25 PM

Thank you! I certainly have thought about that. I'm actually very close to getting over the PDT rule so I'm thinking once I do that I'd be happy to write one!

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@papajohn What do you think of $BYOC and $INNV today (21/2)?

papajohn Feb 21, 1:19 PM

$INNV is coming right into a lot of older resistance that would keep me away from that one. $BYOC looks nice. I would want to see a few days of consolidation right around .15 before buying a breakout just because it has had a lot of green days leading up to today. And I just looked at the charts so if I were to play them I would have to look into things like sector, float, sec filings and recent news which I didn’t look at.

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