[TimAlerts] UGAZ....I think it will probably go up in the long run. Living in WI it was -7 degrees last night.


[TimAlerts] UGAZ Every Thurs at 1030am there is the new inventory report at that link above. check it right away and see what was projected from past articles and then buy UGAZ or DGAZ (inverse) based on that. I wouldnt be buying UGAZ at these levels right now but natural gas is generally pretty low rn


[TimAlerts] UGAZ sold 2000@$2.16 bought yesterday at 10:35am for $1.76 right after the inventory report projected less than what was consumed. Its important to remember this is a natural gas leveraged play


@TTRADER Hey , they gagged me becuase i gave a Thumps to a guy who said that , PIRS was a chatroom pump. Yes i am member over there. I am onlt chat member. But i am Bootcamp student of Kunal Desai on I am learning a lot day by day. After learning , i realise that people who follow this Tim , are stupid people. Becoz he just make money from u guys. Like when he buy ,then eveybody buy ,so the stock go up then he will sell , then sent alert , so all sheep will sell. and thus stock will flush and u will loose,

TTRADER Jan 28, 16 8:50 PM

Would you say the quality of the chat at warrior is better then tims?

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[TimAlerts] Did stocks to trade alert PIRS like it was breaking news or what did? I cant find anything on it other than the old stuff and the article on yahoo from this monring.. PM me

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