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juleeatina Feb 25, 18 9:38 PM

Thanks! I am just beginning my journey!

Legion Feb 25, 18 9:41 PM

@juleeatina, Congratulations and welcome to day trading! Thank you for the thanks and you are welcome.

Trader2018 Feb 26, 18 1:26 PM

Nice watchlist man, how do you do your research?? What are u mainly based on to assume or speculate a stock is spiking or is falling?? I've made some watchlists but I rarely find what I spected :(

Legion Feb 26, 18 1:33 PM

Well, sweet questionnaire girl, I look at 15% gainers with high volume and have moved/spiked that day. This are also potential shorts depending on the market that next day. As well as multi-day breakout set ups like Cup and handle, or something that slightly failed after spiking but did not lose gains. These are great patterns for potential breakouts. It took about 2 years to learn what style works best for me personally. So don't give up.

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