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moneybaggz5150 Mar 09, 16 1:27 PM

Very cool. Still navigating my way through TOS. This is definitely something I will explore in the near future. As always, thanks again for the info. Great post !

Palmer Mar 09, 16 2:00 PM

Budd: Simply because TOS does not have a lot of shares to short vs. IB. Sometime in the future I will be running both platfroms again. Most of the time I have one screen to trade from and it's too many open windows to manage at once on one screen. I'm currently workin on a scan to look for short set-ups within TOS to be able to go both ways.

Superthermal Mar 09, 16 4:17 PM

Excellent walk through. Thx for posting this.

PedroMad Mar 09, 16 10:27 PM

Great info Palmer.Thanks and keep doing these videos please!

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