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rey_11 May 16, 22 10:15 PM

Great recap Alex! The process and execution is definitely there it seems, just a crap market holding you back. Some of your entries are on point! I think a main takeaway should be working on finding a strategy that works in this no followthrough, chop shop environment we currently have on our hands. More of a scalpers delight kind of market, where sizing into smaller moves are the key imo. Keep up the grind and hustle!

alexpanther17 May 17, 22 2:25 PM

@rey_11 Thank you for the feedback! Yeah I agree on your point about no follow through, so I will try to have a singles mindset going further as my strategy still gives me those small moves, but the problem is that I just have the mindset of holding longer, which I will work on. Plus I'm studying swing trading, and bear markets are when all the daily patterns are slowly forming, so that gives me more time to study and be prepared. Congrats on your great April by the way! Again appreciate the fee

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