@timothysykes Hi Tim: started your Millionaire Masters Program (MMP) & I'm lost. there are just too many courses. started with the 1st DVD & it was good to show all the terms. then started watching Trader Checklist. which is the best one to start with?

Tavis Jan 31, 18 9:06 PM

I was told I have to pay for Stocks to trade. I might get it later . honestly I'm just going to try to knock out all the DVDs in the recomended order next . Its important to get that knowlage first. I'm doing this full time 16 hours a day non stop. I estimate it will take me a month. But I should be glowing with knowlege . I should then be able to ask intelegent questions to fill the missing gaps and further my knowlege even more.

Tavis Jan 31, 18 9:09 PM

I read his book. Yeah Tim don't hide a thing. He puts it all out there .And if you don't like it you can leave. lool

dolly678lovesdaddy Feb 01, 18 9:02 AM

@Tavis our biggest enemies are within ourselves. we hope when we should fear & fear when we should hope.

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