$34 profit BLFR Long Stock

Entry comments: Small speculative trade on this big spiker with merger news https://tim.ly/3vWdp26 lets see if it can really go more, goal is to make 10-30%, could be fast given how this play moves, worth a shot but small $ amount since its speculative, STT Breaking News play

Exit comments: Out for basically breakeven, not enough volume to really get to the .10s like I wanted so just playing it safe, worth a shot in this crazy market but OTCs continue to underperform

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Daniela777 Aug 11, 9:47 AM

Great video! I need to trade smaller and not worry about gains and losses so much. Just practice, practice, practice. - Thank you Tim

gadick Aug 11, 10:39 AM

Great video, learning more every day., a series of small gainers all adds up. Thanks

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@gadick just became a fully transparent trader today!

gadick Jul 07, 5:22 PM

I am j a newbie to Profit.ly. For the record I have read the full 387 pages of The Complete Penny Stock Course authored by Jamil Ben Alluch in May 1st to June 4th 2022; this Seniors brain is alive and the synapses are firing on all pistons.

gadick Jul 07, 5:23 PM

Watched the Introduction Viddeo July 3rd

gadick Jul 07, 5:25 PM

Watched DVD 45 6Jul2022 I keep a written record of each DVD I watch and when

gadick Jul 07, 5:27 PM

Watched DVD 4 7Jul2022 and kept notes. I finaly figured out today how to enter my learnings on Profit.ly

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