Accountability post 04/13/2020-04/28/2020 I watched and took notes on all 13 Challenge Orientation Videos in the student portal. I watched and took notes on 3 of the DVD's on "Penny Stocking Part Deux," "Penny Stocking Framework Part Deux," and "Spikability." I signed up for E*Trade, Interactive Brokers, and TDAmeritrade (to get access to Think or Swim paper trading). I already had a brokerage account with Charles Schwab, but I only have used that account for traveling since they don't charge ATM or foreign transaction fees on a high yeild investor checking account. I have never traded before. I will probably use E*Trade, and I have already moved my trading money into that account even though I don't plan on trading for real for at least a month. I signed up for the Stocks to Trade trial a few days ago, and I went through all of Tim Bohen's Getting Started lessons in STT University. I really like this stock scanner, but I am hesitant to subscribe. The fee is daunting to me since my only income at the moment is coming from unemployment. That might be something I can get when I start profiting. Meanwhile I'll have to learn a more affordable platform. I watched all three live webinars last week (Tim Lento, Tim Sykes, and Mark Croock). I watched Tim Lento's live webinar today, and I plan on catching Tim Grittani's webinar later this afternoon. I have reminders set for the webinars scheduled for tomorrow and Thursday as well. This week I have made it a point to open chat at market open, and I have been following the other traders in the room as they discuss their trades. I have been paper trading some of these trades to learn the mechanics. I have been making a lot of mistakes, but I'm learning from them and it's not a disaster since I'm trading with fake money. I've played with E*Trade, Think or Swim, and Stocks to Trade. Stocks to Trade has been the easiest one for me figure out, probably because of the tutorial I watched. I have been living and breathing the material these past two weeks, but I know I am only scratching the surface of things that I need to know to succeed at this endeavor. I understand the basics of trading and the stock market, but there is definitely a lot of room to build on top of that knowledge. I'm looking forward to the journey!

hpac912 Jun 22, 1:29 PM

Hello LibertyBelle

hpac912 Jun 22, 1:30 PM

I'm in the same place you are I haven't really started any accounts yet this is just my second week. I get the concept and my next step is to begin checking out the paper trading.

LibertyBelle Jun 22, 2:35 PM

@hpac912 Hi! There's so much to learn. I have the basic concept too, but when I trade it flies out of my head. I think that's why Sykes emphasizes watching the videos over and over. I don't think I will really get it when I'm in the heat of the moment until the patterns become automatic. I have been struggling with the emotional side od trading the most lately. Watching "Trading Tickers" right now. So far it's my favorite DVD. Grittani organized his info very well.

hpac912 Jun 22, 2:59 PM

Hi, I do understand what you mean about the emotional side of trading. I'm struggling in that area also. I will check out Trading Tickers. I'm about to check out Candlesticks by Steve Nielson. Grasping the terminology is challenging. It's learning a whole other language.

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