@camdenwolf22 Hello! I think its great you are wanting to get into trading with paying for college being a goal. I got into trading 2.5 years ago and I'm totally addicted. I started trading within a sector in which I'm very familiar with since I'm a pharmacist...biotech stocks. Then I defined my trading style. It's evolved from being a long term trader/investor to more short term/swing trader. I watched on the sidelines for awhile to get a feel of things and created a pretend portfolio to simulate actual trading. When I finally did take the plunge I started very small and risked little. My advice would be to only trade with money you're willing to lose, start small to get the feel for it to build confidence, define what kind of trader fits you best (long term, mid term, short term, day trader), find a niche/sector and learn as much about it as you can, learn how to read charts, and never stop studying and learning. I know there's plenty of other tips to give. Don't hesistate to ask me any questions!

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LahainaKat Jan 06, 15 4:41 PM

that is so cool of you to explain all this ,, i have been paper trading for a month now not doing well at all, hoping to get it soon. alohas

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@jayhexum Hello, I am a 15 year old looking to pave the way for my future (especially paying for college). I was wondering what you did to really get involved in stock trading. I am a complete newbie and do not know much at all. What did you do to begin (what lead up to your first stock trade)?

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