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jesus9485 Jul 16, 15 8:25 AM

Hello there good luck. I also i'm new.... Just studying as much as i can. Any tips?

ar57 Jul 16, 15 1:15 PM

Hi, I'm also new and I'm having some difficulty determining the entry point. Any tips on what to study? Thanks!

Khalil Jul 16, 15 2:45 PM

Hey guys.. for me today level 2 has been a huge help in my entry points! without it now I feel like im trading blind. Equity Feed give you a free trial with their platform that gives you level 2 quotes! also I use FREESTOCKCHARTS.COM for free real time charts however they can get delayed sometimes so be careful

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HTMM Jul 15, 15 12:09 PM

The stock does not have enough volume. Do not focus on stocks with low volume, it will hurt you.

jesus9485 Jul 15, 15 1:02 PM

OK thanks i'm new to this and i really don't know to much

LarryLarry Jul 15, 15 6:41 PM

@HTMM thanks. what do you consider acceptable volume?

HTMM Jul 15, 15 9:59 PM

@MoneyL If you are buying 100 shares, the volume should be 10,000. Multiply your position times 100. This is to make sure you do not take up more than 1 percent of the total volume.

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