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trooper Mar 29, 16 10:22 PM

Rugby your winning % is insane! That's impressive man!

keaganscott28 Mar 29, 16 11:06 PM

Assuming he doesn't post losing trades on here. I'm sure he's a fantastic trader, but that's kinda nuts

rugby Mar 29, 16 11:24 PM

keaganscott28 -- I tried explain this to Tim ages ago. I set a fairly tight gains on my trades and also go with trends rather than against and therefore DON'T lose often so it is watching one ball bounce and I have become good at it, very good

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The_Account_ant Mar 17, 16 12:13 AM

The price of the stock after hours is the current price per share for that stock. the stock will not spike 50% tomorrow, it already has. There is no way to buy the stock at $4.11 at this point in time, unless it drops back down to that price.

Josef_MM_Gashaj Mar 17, 16 12:28 AM

ok that clears things up.. Thank you for your help!

keaganscott28 Apr 03, 16 1:15 PM

Not to be rude, but you might want to study a lot if you didn't know that. Stock market is a brutal place for beginners. Study up

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