@khalidramji just became a fully transparent trader today!

Willbee_Rich Jan 04, 19 6:47 AM

Hi, Congrats on your SING gains. I have also being following it. To verify your trades go to MY Trades and click on Verify Trades. Follow the instructions from there. If you still can't click on the Green Support Button at the bottom right of any screen in Profiy.Ly and they will help you. Good Luck!

khalidramji Feb 27, 19 12:47 PM

@Willbee_Rich Sorry for the late reply but thank you for the info i will try that now! I am always working so i mainly trade from my phone whenever i get a chance. SING is a very sketchy company. i have made thousands but have lost thousands with them aswell so be sure to tread carefully with them. GL out there!

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