[TimAlerts] @ EBIO true but these low floats can take any bit of *news* & run if chart line up with technicals are right


[TimAlerts] morning everyone! quick question, I saw Tim's watchlist email last night and he mentioned that HEAR was a newsletter pump.. anyone know how he found that out and where I can look for future stocks?


[TimAlerts] HEAR looking good for monday. gonna keep watch for a r/g move


[TimAlerts] HEAR hit my limit sell at $1.80. Was long 700 shares from $1.57


[TimAlerts] HEAR, it's breaking out of multimonth resistance strongly on a friday afternoon, on top of great fundamentals. I know it doesnt typically hold spikes but this one has a number of positive factors going for it\

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[TimAlerts] CXRX yea I want to see this dip and consolidate around 3 and possibly break out during power hour


[TimAlerts] RUN settling back into the range. would like to see 5.20 or better late in the day then the swing up

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