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RBI Nov 16, 17 1:50 PM

Thanks, that was my guess. So, if/when I cross that 25k mark I'll still need to just make 3 day trades per 5 days until I'm confident I won't ever dip below 25k again. Thanks for the link.

lexNan Nov 16, 17 1:54 PM

If after your 5 or 6 trades you total account equity is still 25k or over then no PDT restriction. By account equity I mean the total $$ of securities you are playing with (gain or loss) plus the remaining $$ in your account. However, if you sell all your positions and you end up below 25k after realized losses then you fall back into PDT restriction.

Palmer Nov 16, 17 6:21 PM

@RBI yes....brokers have different rules when you are flagged as a PDT. If you fall back under 25K and are a PDT some brokers will make you wait 90 or 120 days before resetting back to a non-PDT or you can ask 'once' to be reset back to non-PDT or simply deposit

Palmer Nov 16, 17 6:21 PM

the difference into your account to bring you back above 25K cash. Call your broker to ask what their rules are. They can differ broker to broker...

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