sealwg Mar 15, 17 11:51 PM

I'm usually following, from my own research, the stocks that show up on your list. I like your coverage of 'PREPARE'...thanks for very clear posts...

sealwg Mar 15, 17 11:53 PM

It's encouraging to my choices to see someone with clearly more experience than myself, coming to some of the same conclusions I come to before I review the lists of veterans of this...

RichieM Mar 16, 17 8:42 AM

@sealwg Just trying to do better than the day before and use the lessons from the video's and dvd's to my advantage, trade your own plan!

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[TimAlerts] that Sir is a CRAZY trade .. but good you made money on it.. I dont know how you could trade KBIO from the long side in any way.. but again good you made money. that was very risky in my opinion

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