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terps88 Jun 01, 17 2:02 PM

I loved your videos, they are 10x better than anything else I've seen on I can tell you are thinking out loud as you go, you are learning a lot! I myself do a lot of chart analysis so it's cool to see someone else thinking so analytically.

terps88 Jun 01, 17 2:08 PM

As far as selling goes, I've found it to be much tougher to know when to get out vs. getting in (long or short) I would suggest trying to sell on a breakdown, and from there refine your process to be able to sell quicker at higher prices. Also consider not using every high or low, it can filter out a lot of randomness. Good luck trading!

Pandabear Jun 01, 17 4:57 PM

@terps88 Thanks. I might do another video soon reviewing my trades over the last two weeks. I've also made it a rule to hold through at least 1 dip on the 1-min or switch to the 3-min once I'm in a trade and just wait for the first breakdown. Looking at longer time frames definitely filters out the randomness. The patterns are cleaner and easier to see. Good luck to you too!

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MsMoneyHoney Apr 28, 17 12:04 AM

geez.. cut off... I had one buy and one sell within one day, and they haven't done anything other than send me a reminder warning - just to remind me that I cannot buy... But, I couldn't anyway seeing that the funds are not showing as "available" anyway.

MsMoneyHoney Apr 28, 17 12:06 AM

So, it's a moot point. But, to address this issue, I only play half of my cash right now which leaves the other half available if something else comes up within that same week.

MsMoneyHoney Apr 28, 17 12:09 AM

In short, Etrade guy is only correct in this one particular scenario because you bought twice now. Otherwise, yes you can buy and sell - once in a day. Then, wait three days... which is really four.. ...

Fox_Trader Apr 30, 17 4:37 PM

For future references​ when your signed in to E-Trade app or online ,go Accounts tab then balences, that will show you if funds are not settled at the bottom. If your able to pull it up click on View profile it will then show ya.

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Ruiz Apr 17, 17 7:21 AM

Good morning, first-time watcher on trades. Quick question, maybe off subject but----can anybody tell me, do I have to buy 100 shares at a time?

Josmerr Apr 17, 17 7:28 AM

nop, that mostly applies with high priced stocks, most penny stocks dont enforce that rule and if you get into Level 2, you can actually watch some 10-50 buys going through

Ruiz Apr 17, 17 7:35 AM

Ok cool! Thanks!

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[TimAlerts] i agree, i cant believe this crappy ass stock went this wild today PULM

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