-$450 loss SYPR Long Stock

Entry comments: Trying a dip buy on this late morning runner, already spiked tot he 1.80s, I'd love to see it get back there

Exit comments: Zzzzz no bounce, rule #1 cut losses quickly, protect, protect, protect

Received 9 Karmas
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This is the Start of my journey with the Trading Journal. Today was not the first-ever, but the first recorded trade. Bought $SYPR at 1.725 on news about a new big contract. The first attempt was to buy at 1.24 but the stock went to hold (pause) for approx 20 min. Bought around 3:35pm and it supposed to be overnight trade. But sold at 1.89 at 3:58pm due to volatility - was very close to my cut point at 1.6. But caught resistance level at 1.89 where I sold them. 10% for less than 30 minutes. Not

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