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Danielwin Jan 25, 6:57 AM

Tim, do you listen to any music whilst trading? Have you read Trading Coaching Psychologist 101? Also, on a not so serious level now, can you refer to steak rather than girly sushi? I know your a big fan of the uncooked fish, but would really appriciate it if you could maybe throw a rump in there at some point. Good Man

LizLele Jan 26, 7:56 PM

"I don't short earnings winners, I don't short earnings winners, I don't short earnings winners..." Got it! Thanks Tim!

zaraza Jan 28, 9:32 PM

Thanks Tim.. Be safe.. I don't short earnings winners either....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!.. My head hurts. Don't trade random shit cause I AM A GAMBLING JUNKIE.

mynbtsa Feb 05, 7:32 PM

Thanks Tim , I don't short e/w

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CrazyWillows Jan 12, 1:33 PM

Thanks @timothysykes I realized something so crucial on this lesson.. Buy the dip after the spike!!! Vital entry to help avoid chasing the spike...

piscott0306 Jan 15, 11:12 AM

Video watched. Muchas Gracias Tim.

CBlumenthal Feb 11, 10:14 AM

I am realizing this shit is real

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[TimAlerts] $MEET looks like an okay o/n play. Held near highs and above VWAP all day. Wish the news was more solid, but could run more tomorrow. Didn't retest 2.41 unfortunately, so mostly just watching now.

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ZiggysMom Apr 06, 18 3:21 PM

Noting to not trade commodities Focus on volume and low floaters keep plays on watch until volume fades and its back to where it came from focus on stocks that can run 30+% apply what I study Don't trade stocks near all time lows dip buy at key areas where the stock proves itself

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