[TimAlerts] $MEET looks like an okay o/n play. Held near highs and above VWAP all day. Wish the news was more solid, but could run more tomorrow. Didn't retest 2.41 unfortunately, so mostly just watching now.

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ZiggysMom Apr 06, 3:21 PM

Noting to not trade commodities Focus on volume and low floaters keep plays on watch until volume fades and its back to where it came from focus on stocks that can run 30+% apply what I study Don't trade stocks near all time lows dip buy at key areas where the stock proves itself

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$MEET offering, what scumbags, no wonder it wasn't bouncing like a normal earnings winner

Youn_gun706 Mar 10, 17 1:00 AM

@EuroLeo aww hush, it's trading, he'll look back at this later after watching the videos and laugh. It's a process there will be hazing...sorry

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GREENARROW0108 Mar 08, 17 2:27 PM

Bought OCRX at 0.85 and panicked once it dropped n sold but if I would have held it for 20 or 30 mins longer when it spiked to 1.09 it would have been a good start on my First day of the Staying Optimistic n embracing every learning opportunity...

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($650) loss MEET Long Stock

Entry comments: Bought this earnings winner on a big dip off its day highs, but it's still holding its multi-month breakout above the 5.60s, goal is to sell in the low 6s ideally with an overnight analyst upgrade or article, nothing hugely volatile, but good risk/reward

Exit comments: Rule #1 from cutting losses fast, no overnight article or analyst upgrade, maybe it spikes later, but I'm playing it safe since this stock has failed me so many times in the past, not a total shocker today

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combatbob Mar 07, 17 4:08 PM

Overnight long kinda thing im looking for. PDT rules

bigman Mar 08, 17 6:28 PM

I dont know why but I enjoy seeing Tim lose

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