Flockstock Jan 23, 17 7:04 PM

Unrealized losses are a blow to the ego .. Realized losses are a blow to the soul :( been there man .. Just don't let it bug you too much .. Easier said than done tho.. it will get easier .

timothysykes Jan 24, 17 7:34 AM

@krs1 correct, I hate seeing 1 undisciplined trade ruin weeks/months of good solid trading, it pisses me off

skinner Mar 09, 17 3:47 PM

@timothysykes So after 2 months being short this. I added short a month ago at 7.27 and covered 500 at 7.25 then held 2500 shares at a 6.28 average till today when I finally covered all 2500 at 5.27. Overall I still lost around 4K with margin interest but I didn't ruin my account. Moral of the story this was stupid and I will never do it again. I feel free right now!

michaelmason Jan 16, 18 3:04 PM

Hi... I noticed on the webinar last week that you said you were from Phila. I was born and raised in Phila, but live in Cherry Hill. My name is Mike.

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