Gooooooood morning!

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bigman Feb 02, 17 9:55 AM

You tend to get this choppy-ness with very liquid, hot stocks.

modifiedracey4 Feb 02, 17 10:41 AM

Tim,I am new to your challenge,I have been watching dvds and reading all i can,where would i find info on actual platform trading, i have never clicked on a platform before,but i am real confident after soaking all the info up, i just need to put it to action and doubt my knowledge on using any platform? HELP! LOL

FoxyTrades Feb 02, 17 11:04 AM

@Stas_Vervana yeah but then im not sure how to play it, tip?

Pedram Feb 02, 17 1:24 PM

@FoxyTrades I am starting to use Bollinger bands along with RSI to get a better probability for my trades. After losing $300 i started to rethink my strategy especially when to enter, take profit or cut losses. I stopped trading with my account and started using paper trading today. @chalde9969 don't do the same mistake i did. download ThinkOrSwim app and sign up for their paper trading first.

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@chalde9969 just became a fully transparent trader today!

modifiedracey4 Feb 02, 17 10:54 AM

HELLO peeps! im just playing around trying to familiarize myself with all these tools Tim manufactured for us to use, trying to stay positive about learning and moving on to traders life!

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