norcal09 Jan 12, 17 6:39 PM

I will be opening the account with $5k and see how it goes. As long as the pro platform is good at getting a trade in I'm good. I do want level 2 that would put me at $75 a month for the pro platform/ mobile trading/ level 2. Sounds like they have gotten a little bit better from over a year ago. Thanks for the comments.

norcal09 Jan 13, 17 1:46 AM

I will def blog about my trades. And update how suretrader is working out

norcal09 Mar 11, 17 5:08 PM

I'm getting my feet wet now with suretrader. I have been profitable but over traded and took crazy advantage to the no PDT rule. I have been using the 6:1 leverage. I have no ego and if i"m wrong on a trade I get out quickly. When i'm up and doing well with a trade I just put in a trailing stop and walk away. I love to short sell. Wow its been really nice. I use the DAS platform been amazing and really easy

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Peregrine_Trading Jan 11, 17 10:21 PM

Yea man when a stock is up like 1000% over a week, i would be so super cautious. i didn't even consider going back into ETRM once it broke $20 because it was waaaay overbought and there was always the risk of an SEC halt or some kind of collapse

norcal09 Jan 11, 17 10:28 PM

trade and learn I guess. I had already traded it @ 6.61 a share and sold @$7.55 for a $449.00 profit. still trying to understand trading. thanks for the response.

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norcal09 Sep 30, 15 6:36 PM

I use TD Almeritrade and I'm over them. I will be switching to Etrade.

dr_strange_stock Sep 30, 15 10:07 PM

Suretrader is total garbage. I had issues like these and even a few that were worse. I was not able to recover all of the fees but I did get some back before I left. I only trade with etrade now.

KylanHodson Oct 01, 15 2:14 PM

Use "all or none" orders. It forces them to deliver your position in one transaction, or not

nvp369 Oct 01, 15 4:28 PM

@KylanHodson I will check it. Thanks. Meanwhile i am transfering to E Trade.

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