WOW $GEVO near $2/share, roughly double my buy this morning LOL

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evanevans Aug 20, 4:49 PM

Roughly a billion shares traded. My morning picks all had to be cut for small losses. I'm glad I saw $GEVO creep up . I didn't get in at first until 32 minutes after opening bell at $1.11. 8000 shares. Problem is I over traded it, scaled out into $1.63. Had to get back in, but due to PDT, had only enough cash left for 1000 shares. Rode that to $2.15, scaling in the vertical, held some through the halts, and got out on the decreasing volume shift after the peak. Good ticker today!

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-$1,840 loss PIXY Long Stock

Entry comments: I dip bought this recent earnings winner selling off on low volume/the overall market, now more than 50% off its recent highs, has lots of support in the 10.80s so that's my risk if I'm wrong but I think this can bounce 40-80 cents/share, I'd go bigger if volume weren't so light,t hat's the only problem here

Exit comments: So many mistakes on this one it's crazy, meant to only send to my longer term newsletter (hence the lower volume and poor pattern for short-term trading), meant to only get 2k, but ended up getting 4k shares, then the bid/support and I've been trying to get out ever since, what a humbling experience after my best trade of the year...gotta stay humble, will do video lesson this weekend on all trades today, the highs AND the lows

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omarzouk Jan 24, 3:43 PM

#thanks #greatlessonsteacher

Windwalzer Jan 25, 11:26 PM

Thank you, so you got in after the dip about 10:46 and got out around 2:07 after (I'll call it consolidation because I don't know what you call it when it goes sideways without trades or volume)? I working to learn what you are teaching. Thank you again.

MissileMan Jan 26, 9:38 AM

Thanks for the transparency Tim. You teach us lots. The good, the bad and the ugly. Like you said, "Stay humble". Thanks for alll you do.

rabbit196568 Jan 26, 7:37 PM

Yep. Thanks for also teaching us what NOT to do

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