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kcwonnersc Jul 24, 3:22 PM

I would gladly retweet all the time if you'd be kind enough to unblock me. I was just trying to defend you against the promoters that You were in the Twitter war with. I apologize

htrinh Jul 30, 7:13 PM

Thanks Tim second time

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zabinjay Jun 28, 7:58 PM

Calling it a day -- Studied 20 Panic dip buy videos. Put in about 8 hours of study to prep for this week.

HenryCraig Jun 30, 5:29 PM

Knowledge supports growth and development.

AMC19GTE Jul 23, 2:46 PM

Shorting isn't bad if you have a big account you can do certain strategies to limit the risk but for anyone with a small account be aware of the dark side. it to much power for us newbies to handle. We will get there eventually :)

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bubbajay May 13, 11:05 AM

Breaking the rules is a very slippery slope.

Rebel_Scum Jun 10, 4:51 PM

Breaking rules is a very slippery slope. side note: I love these trading mistakes videos any trade can be a winner, I believe what you learn from losses makes you a better trader in the end. trading is a marathon

htrinh Jun 19, 11:22 PM

Watched, thank you

Jules222 Jul 16, 5:06 PM

Slippery slope when you break the rules!!!!

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