Hi @stefano , you have an awesome chart. How much do You start & what platform do You use?

stefano Dec 27, 15 9:14 AM

I'm using Interactive Brokers, which is crowned best broker on Barron's. Their account minimum is $10,000 though, cost per trade is normally only $1, which is great, but with a minimum of $10 per month. I chose cash only account, since I want to stay away from the dangers of margin. I started with 11,000 in July, and I added another 1,500 soon after, but after that I wasn't able to add any more cash. Careful with charts, they just show realised profit of closed trades, they don't show

stefano Dec 27, 15 9:18 AM

... they don't show draw-down. My draw-down reached nearly 10% at the end of August. S&P500 was down 12%, so the edge was minimal. Now I'm up about 9% with market since inception down 2%, so that's a better result, however if the market takes a dive, my portfolio will go down with it, and I am okay, since I'm happy to hold some companies for the long term as necessary.

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Jules Dec 27, 15 10:49 AM

I've experience some hesitations, glitches in all. It happens with all technology unfortunately. It did not however affect me to much. Haven't experienced Suretrader yet. You should make decision based on account size and how to make the most money. As you grow go to the all out expensive brokers that I assume may have less glitches but I wouldn't know.

Jules Dec 27, 15 10:51 AM

As far as withdrawals as in most 3-5 business days to transfer in or out.

corysmc Dec 28, 15 2:24 AM

Starting Jan 4th I'll be using Trade King I'll let you know how it goes. Their 4.95 per trade is hard to beat. I'll sacrifice charting for 50% lower commissions! Once I grow my account to 10000 I'll switch to TDAmer is my plan. Interactive Brokers is the best for day traders as long as you have 25,000 to avoid DT rules.

TraderH Dec 30, 15 10:07 PM

The platform depends on what your goals are. You want to be a long term investor? trader? You want to short? What do you want to trade? Most beginners start with the popular boutique firms and then transition to direct access platforms.

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prima99 Aug 11, 15 4:02 AM

Your trade going better bro. Awesome. May I know how do you this?

LethalPrice Aug 11, 15 8:38 AM

@prima99 im using @RussianBear system 2 win trade aiming 0.20 - 0.60 cents (but not in this case) and iff i win 2 trade i close for today and happy with gains which i made. Iff i win 2 trade i also can do trade 3 but never more then 3 trade. Now i just trying to do only gold Trades to up my Winning rate.

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