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Flockstock Apr 15, 17 12:26 PM

@Jonk87 even if the. Most amazing setup happens .. Lock yourself in a room where you can't reach your computer ... It also helps. Missing ideal setups .. You learn patience by missing .. After you throw things at the wall .. You will woosah.. mike lowery style ... Bad boys whatcha gonna do :)

Torkers Apr 15, 17 6:27 PM

@Flockstock atleast for now im gonna try focusing on amazing and trade like a sniper!

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FirstRedDay Feb 08, 17 5:14 PM

Truly sorry to hear that about your Dad, God bless and thanks for all you do!

tzLa Feb 09, 17 1:48 PM

Take it easy buddy, take as much time as you need. We appreciate you.

tomfinn92 Feb 11, 17 7:23 AM

Sorry about the loss of your dad, Arick. You are a great trader, and an even better genuine human being sharing all that you do. Keep your head up and thanks a million for all the help you've given to me and so many others with your videos and being real.

TimeFliesBuy Apr 14, 17 11:38 PM

Take care of you and yours, and when the time is right you'll find yourself back here doing what you enjoy doing.

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ProfitTurtle Feb 06, 17 2:19 PM

Cool story bro. Post your trades and prove them. Otherwise this is total bull crap.

brandonw90523 Feb 06, 17 3:17 PM

@ProfitTurtle Calm down bro, like I said, its my 1st day back with live money and my 1st day on IB, I tried to upload my trades from IB but for some reason it gives me an error saying I have no trades to upload. Will try again tomorrow, maybe it will be able to find them in 24 hours. As of right now, I don't know why it's giving me this error other than maybe it needs a day to process my trades.

brandonw90523 Feb 06, 17 3:23 PM

@ticblaster thanks, no, I started trading because I found Tim Grittani about 3 years ago and started trying to copy him. That worked really well for me for a few months and I quickly made $25,000....I must have been on a lucky streak because I lost all 25k over the course of the next few months. But I've been paper trading for 6 months now and I think I have a winning strategy that I'm finally ready to use.

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[TimChallenge] i got it... but i am thinking if the unusual volume CLRB starterd experiencing during yesterday’s trading isn't a signal of "insiders" positioning to today's spike...


[TimChallenge] Studying here. i'am trying to figure out why CLRB should be bought yesterday... I see that it had a volatility spike yesterday. And see some news that said it was happening Stock Going Gangbusters Mid-Session: Cellectar Biosciences, Inc. (23-jan, 2017). What do you think about it? Thanks! Studying and Learning!

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