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babynoah Jan 26, 16 4:55 PM

Scalping is a time waster. Like playing in the mud.

TimsBitch Jan 26, 16 5:56 PM

@babynoah What are you talking about? My plan was to hold overnight, which isnt scalping. Good thing I excited or i would of had a loss.

babynoah Jan 26, 16 7:17 PM

Oh my bad. I didn't read fully. That is a win!! My mind is mush lately.

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TraderH Jan 27, 16 8:27 PM

trader91 if you want to trade real penny stocks (Under $1) on pink sheets and OTC then Speedtrader is the one. They have good feeds for that. If you want to trade small caps like Tim in general (>$1), you can use any of the brokers out there. Tim this year recommends IB and Etrade.

JLLOYD30 Jan 27, 16 9:11 PM

@TraderH Etrade charting sucks. I just like there level 2. I prefer TOS charting more. I prefer Suretraders Das Trader Pro platform to place my orders on.

trader91 Jan 28, 16 1:40 PM

ok so if i choose suretrader and the das platform will it be good for trading pennys tocks i mainly focus on stocks from 1 dollar to 7.

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Madbash Jan 24, 16 5:32 PM

I want to mention that shares for these stocks may not be available to short. This is very likely the case for a stock like XLIT. I will keep an eye out on IB in hopes of preparation & luck meeting!

trader91 Jan 24, 16 5:41 PM

i would not trade these stocks, they are not ideal for pennystocks, look at the volume.

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HaydenH Jan 15, 16 9:34 PM

Nice! How much did you start with?

grnbrt5150 Jan 16, 16 8:45 PM

Hi Hayden, initially $1500 at Suretrader. Then switched to IB and their minimum is $25K

grnbrt5150 Jan 19, 16 7:53 PM

yeah your're right JA. Forgot about that. I opened with $25k to avoid PDT

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Palmer Nov 19, 15 3:23 PM

You're on the right track by realizing this. Having a plan is a must be being able to follow it takes a lot more discipline. We've all been there, just takes time and unfortunately it usually costs us some $ to learn a lesson here and there. All part of it...

trader91 Nov 19, 15 3:56 PM

is it not illegal to start a stock pick newsletter? i mean you have to be a registrated financial advisor or a stockbroker.

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Bet0nBlack Nov 16, 15 4:58 PM

Glad that was paper money Elvis. sounds like you need some structure the videos will help with that. I would advise againt buying before the markets starts, see how the market reacts to the news first. You really have to know how your broker site works first. per Mike Goode. • When you understand how to trade on your Brokers Site • When you know how to create a watch list • How the stock moves INS and OUTS a. Liquidity b. Volatility

epadr003 Nov 16, 15 7:25 PM

Thanks I just watched the lessons

Jtimeless Nov 16, 15 10:45 PM

In the market that we are at the moment you have to play it more sefely. Earnings winners are still good plays but expectations is what matter the most. market was down that day and 3 out of 4 stocks follow the market so that is a 75% chance that your stock will drop if the market does that. Sometimes this EW will be great at the beginning but they will fade. SYPR didn't also have the best numbers and the contract that they did with Volvo as you could see, was not enough to hype up the price. Wh

Stockgoat2515 Nov 17, 15 3:04 AM

Volvo has a lot of neg attention right now. Maybe that has something to do with it!

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Palmer Nov 14, 15 7:33 AM

I guarentee you this will not be the last time this happens to you. If it's not going to the head it will be a phone call, doorbell, UFO landing in the backyard or bigfoot sighting...

Palmer Nov 14, 15 7:37 AM

Yesterday I had to run an errand and missed the set-up in BCEI that I mentioned in the chat room about 15 minutes before the open. Huge run that I planned to be in and missed it. No UFO sighting so I was even more dissappointed.

trader91 Nov 14, 15 10:27 AM

or buy a laptop/ipad

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trader91 Nov 10, 15 8:28 AM

i know i have already tos paper trading but here is the deal i cant understand the platform i mean the learning curve of the platform is huge i think. For an example if i enter an order a limit order when shorting how do i do that, and why do i need to click the ask when selling.

MoneyJuice_ Nov 10, 15 11:55 AM

The TOF platform takes a little while to get used to. They have great customer service! Call them a million times if you need to ask any questions. I used to keep them on speed dial. Now I don't call them so much.

MoneyJuice_ Nov 10, 15 12:43 PM

Right click on your stock chart, a trade window will pop up and select or click sell to short or buy. The platform is pain in the ass to learn. It took me a while and I am sure that I don't know half of what that platform does.

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