@urmumsaho just became a fully transparent trader today!

urmumsaho Apr 24, 19 10:24 AM

MBRX Entry at 1,46$ at 4/23/2019 9:40 ..Hooping for morning spike but it was slow even the volume was good anyway out at 1,57 for 100$ first trade ever ..Felling good

urmumsaho Apr 24, 19 10:30 AM

EMES Entry at 0,33$ 04/23/2019 with 2500 shares 9:41 exit at 0,31 at 10:13...It has a good morning panic from 0,38 ish down to 0,28ish though i can make a good entry around 0,3ish but i made bad entry anyway it was holding between 0,3 and 0,32ish so i decide to cut losses quickly with 80$ losses.Learn my lesson hope for better reaction and no panic next time.

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